HCF IEA Future Team Wins Championship!

Congratulations to the HCF IEA Team for their success at Willow Way this past weekend. Coach Kathie gave us this update: “I’m pleased that our team made me proud even if I couldn’t be there to coach them. And I have to send out a special thanks to Nancy Arledge for filling in so competently for me – I owe you! Saturday saw our varsity intermediate riders, Ella and Kendall placing 3rd and 5th respectively over fences getting our team off to a good start. Ashley and Natalie represented us in future novice placing 2nd and 4th over fences and 4th and 5th on the flat. Our future beginners, Logan and Elsa did us proud showing off their hard work with 1st & 2nd places in both their walk-trot and walk, trot, canter classes. That was good enough to give our future team the championship!
Sunday we had two varsity intermediate riders – Ava placing 3rd over fences and Claudia finishing 5th over fences and 3rd on the flat! Special thanks to Willow Way for hosting!”

HCF’s 2018 Show Season Wraps at the WEC!

We had a great time at Frankie’s Country Heir Horse Show at the World Equestrian Center this past weekend! Congratulations to all of our riders and thank you to Nicole and Jessica for the great training and all of the hard work you put in to your riders to guarantee success in the ring. Lexi and Ella worked hard all year and qualified for OHJA Medal Finals, where Lexi was fourth out of 23! She also had lovely trips in the Children’s Hunters and Eq, and earned an 80 in her classic round with Robin Hood on Sunday. Ava and Parat made their horse show and jumper ring debut with top ribbons! They also made a lovely pair in the Intermediate Children’s Equitation. Raquel and Artiflex R were fourth in the 1.25M Jumper Stake! Avie pulled double duty with Callatos and Captain Sparrow, where she was 11th in the Derby with Callatos and had great rides in the Jumper ring with Captain Sparrow. Ella and Woodford Reserve competed in both the Intermediate Children’s Eq and the Jumpers in addition to the Medal. That wraps up the 2018 show season for HCF and we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us!

HCF is Hiring!

Hunters Court Farm has a unique opening for someone with a strong work ethic that wants to start their career with horses by expanding their knowledge and learning from some of the best professionals in central Ohio!
This combined Barn Manager/Beginner Instructor position includes normal barn duties such as feeding, cleaning stalls and turnout, teaching beginner lessons as well as managing the farm while the trainers are away at horse shows, and making sure they’re packed and organized to show! The ideal candidate would be passionate about horses, extremely organized and have an eye for detail. They would also enjoy teaching and provide excellent customer service to our two and four legged clients. HCF is a top notch, family friendly hunter jumper facility and this is a great opportunity for someone to learn the inner workings of a competitive show barn. Reliable transportation, willingness to work hard and constantly learn are musts. This is a great chance for someone starting their career – and the potential to grow! Interested? Please email your resume and references to Jessica at jessica.hunterscourt@gmail.com.

Ava Finds a Prince!

There may have been a Royal Wedding across the pond today, but we have a Prince right in our own barn! Congratulations to Ava on her lease of Parat, aka Prince! Thanks to all who put this partnership together, we can’t wait to see this pair in the Jumper and Eq. rings!

Another IEA Show in the Books for HCF!

We wrapped another weekend of IEA horse shows! Coach Kathie reports, “What would we all do without great teams like LYSS, Empress, Bookmark and West Licking hosting great shows & supplying great horses for us all to ride!  Another weekend under our belts and once again our riders displayed sportsmanship and pluck with their efforts.  Logan, the youngest member of our team, successfully qualified with a 2nd and 3rd in her point classes!  Claudia picked up a 4th on the flat.  Ella had a good weekend with two 3rds on the flat and one 3rd over fences.  Ava scored a 1st and 2nd on the flat and two 5ths jumping.  Ashley continues to improve in her first year of IEA, with a 6th over fences and a 5th on the flat.  Natalie succeeded with a 2nd on the flat and two 4ths over fences. And Elsa added to her collection with a 2nd and a 5th in her point classes.  A hot weekend for October but a wonderful show all in all.  And once again, I can’t thank our parents enough for their continued patience and support!  Congrats Team!”

HCF Has A Blue Ribbon Weekend at Split Rock!

It was a blue ribbon weekend for all of our riders at the Split Rock Jumping Tour at Brave Horse Ohio! Avie and Captain Sparrow won the .85m final and was second in her speed round! Addie and Himalayan Oolong won the Child/Adult 1.10M speed round and was third in the final! Raquel and Artiflex R won the Low Junior/AO speed round and was third in their final! Congratulations to all our horses and riders and thank you to Nicole and all our friends and family for your support!

HCF Jumper Riders Rock the SRJT!

Congratulations to our jumper riders who took on the Split Rock Jumping Tour this past weekend at Brave Horse Ohio! Raquel and Artiflex R won the Low Junior/AO Speed Round and were 5th in the Final! Addie and Himalayan Oolong were 5th in the 1.10M Child/Adult Jump Off and Avie and Captain Sparrow were 4th and 5th in the .85M Speed and Final respectively! We’re heading back again this weekend, good luck to our trio of riders!

HCF IEA Team Brings the Heat!

Our HCF IEA – Interscholastic Equestrian Association team had another weekend of horse showing! Coach Kathie said, “One more IEA show under our belt! Many thanks to Nancy Arledge and her entire Paddock staff for putting on a great show. With a chill in the air Claudia led off with a great effort in her over fences and snagged a 2nd place finish! She finished the day with a 3rd in her varsity intermediate flat class. Congrats to Claudia! Kendall pulled in a 6th over fences and a 4th in her flat class, exhibiting her usual enthusiasm for her riding and fellow team members. Our Future team then went in to action, with Ashley giving a brave performance in her x-rails class to finish with a 3rd place ribbon. Logan showed true grit and pulled out a 5th in her walk/trot and 4th in her point class. Elsa worked hard to finish 2nd in her walk/trot and 5th in her point class. Natalie stayed committed and pulled out a 6th in her flat class.

Thanks to all our parents who came out and showed their support. And congrats to a great group of kids that make my day quite enjoyable!”

HCF’s First IEA Show of the Season is a Win!

Our Hunters Court IEA – Interscholastic Equestrian Association Team completed its first competition of the year this weekend at Bookmark Farms. Coach Kathie says, “We want to thank them for providing wonderful horses and a well run show. Our High School Team was first up on Saturday, starting with great success in the Varsity Intermediate over fences, Ava placing 1st, Kendall finishing 2nd and Ella with a third place finish. Claudia performed well and learned a lot to carry forward to our next competition. The flat class had Ava 2nd and Ella 6th. Consequently Ava, with her 1st & 2nd place finishes, ended up tied for high point rider!

Sunday our Middle School Team got under way with Natalie and Ashley competing in the Future Novice over fences, finishing 2nd and 4th respectively. Additionally they finished 3rd and 5th in their flat class. And our beginners did well also, with returning rider Elsa finishing 4th in her walk/trot and 5th in her walk/trot/canter point class. And Logan, performing at her first show ever, finished 4th in her walk/trot warm-up and WON her walk/trot/canter point class!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone, especially the parents who dedicated their weekend to their daughters’ horse show and continually exhibit wonderful camaraderie and sportsmanship!”

HCF Wraps Up the Brave Horse Ohio Summer Series

Congratulations are in order for our horses and riders who wrapped up the Brave Horse Ohio show series this weekend! Addie and Himalayan Oolong made their 1.20M Junior/AO Jumper debut with 3rds in both the speed round and the classic, prepping them for the Split Rock Jumping Tour at the end of the month. We also have to congratulate Addie on her purchase of “Olexa” and thank Jody for letting her ride such a special mare! We can’t wait to see these two continue their partnership. Natalie and All In Perspective we’re Reserve Champion in the outreach crossrails! “Olli” pulled double duty with Nina and ribboned in both the AA Eq and Hunters! Ella and Woodford Reserve once again dabbled in all three rings and qualified for Medal finals in November and were third in the Ohio Cup 2’6” Derby! Finally, Jessica and Bonaducci had top ribbons in the Future Hunters, we’re excited for this pair to make their Baby Green debut this winter! Thanks to all the friends and family who came out to support us, and thanks to Nicole and Jessica for the excellent training!