Training & Lessons Rates

Hunters Court Farm is proud to offer expert training for your horse.

We will develop a training program for your horse according to your horses needs, always keeping in mind the riders capabilities and goals. We will generate a training schedule tailored for each horse and rider.

Hunters Court Farm understands not every client can ride every day. We are willing to help the busy individual who still wants to horse show or may have a green horse that needs more training; we will keep your horse in top competitive shape.


Horse Schooled $35.00
Lunged $20.00
Hand walked $15.00


Whether this is your first experience, or you have been riding all of your life we can tailor a lesson program specifically for you and your horse.

Our main focus is to provide a fun, safe, and relaxed environment helping each rider advance and obtain their ultimate riding goals. Lessons are scheduled individually with our team through Nicole.

HCF Riding Levels:

Beginner: Horsemanship, riding basics, walk, trot & work cavalletti

Limit: Horsemanship, W/T/ Poles, basic x-rail work, + learning to canter

Novice-Advanced strongly encouraged to buy or lease a horse to continue at said level

Novice: Horsemanship, W/T/C,  jumping  up to approx. 1’

Intermediate: Horsemanship, W/T/C pole & jumping  2’6”

Advanced: Horsemanship, advancing flat work, jumping approx. to 2’9”


Private  Lesson (45min) $80.00
Semi-Private Lesson (45min-1 hour) $65.00
Group Lesson $55.00
Ship-in Fee $15.00
School Horse/Equipment Use $10.00