If you’re looking for a new home for your beloved horse and an exceptional training experience for both horse and rider, look no more!  Hunters Court Farm is the place for you!  My daughter and I joined the Hunter’s Court family almost a year ago and couldn’t be happier.  Nicole Parrill, owner and lead trainer, has built a facility and a training program that is second to none.  Right away, we were extremely impressed with the amount of care and concern Nicole showed for both our horse and my daughter’s riding goals.  Nicole put together a training program for my daughter and her horse that is both challenging and motivating while providing the best environment for learning and success.  We’ve been so impressed with the open dialogue Nicole promotes with all her riders, so that everyone feels knowledgeable and capable of reaching their goals.  Hunter’s Court Farm also enjoys a wide age range of riders and skill levels, so that the barn is always buzzing with people and their horses preparing to ride.  Jessica Borton, assistant trainer, has also been an invaluable part of our experience.  Jessica provides a very positive training experience while also stretching the riders to go a little bit further.  She challenges the riders with opportunities to work on different things like No Stirrup November!  She’s always encouraging and very giving of her time and knowledge.  We’re extremely thankful to have found Hunter’s Court Farm and be part of this family of riders!

-The Fisher Family

Bavarian Motor Works and Ava Fisher

Riding with Nicole has truly changed my life for the better. I started riding at HCF in 2012, and as soon as I stepped foot on the property, I knew it was where I wanted to ride–the facilities are beautiful and immaculate and the horses all healthy and happy. Nicole got me back into the show ring after I took a hiatus for school and my career, and helped me purchase an amazing young horse last year.  She saw the potential and talent in my horse, and more importantly, knew that we would be a good fit together. She has an incredible, innate ability to create successful partnerships with new horses and riders.  In just one year, my horse and I went from competing in the 0.85m to successfully showing in the 1.25m–a level I had always dreamed of, but never thought I’d reach. The progress that both my horse and I have made because of the help, care, and guidance from Nicole is nothing short of amazing. Nicole is by far the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever ridden with, and she tailors her lessons perfectly to each horse and rider. She seems to know exactly what is going through every rider’s head, and because of that she is able to give extremely personalized, effective coaching. She works with you to create goals, and gives you the tools you need to get there. Not only do I learn in lessons, but I get more out of hacking on my own now because of the exercises and knowledge Nicole gives me. The best part is that the program is never static–as my horse and I progress, our program changes to meet our needs.

The entire HCF staff is incredibly knowledgeable and offer every horse the absolute best care possible. They ensure that every horse is sound, fit, and happy; if they are not, Nicole and her staff work tirelessly to figure out the issue and fix it. She is extremely detailed and thorough in her care, and I know my horse is in the best hands possible. Every single aspect of Hunters Court Farm is top of the line–the staff, the facilities, the training, and most importantly the care of both horses and riders. – Raquel S.

Bellagia HH, owned and ridden by Raquel S.


After one lesson, Nicole immediately made me feel a part of the HCF Family and her instruction is everything I look for in a trainer- correct and detailed, patient, tough when needed, fun and I never feel like I am being drilled or doing the same old/same old. I leave every lesson or horse show feeling as if I made strides and learned something new. My mare thrived at HCF and we had many successful shows together. Now, I have her colt in training with Nicole and Jessica and could not be happier with the way he is coming along. They work with me to set goals and a plan while remaining patient, knowledgeable and above all, true horsewomen. Nicole and Jessica are more than just my trainers, they are my friends. The facility is top-notch and immaculate. The staff is amazing and always ready to help. The care of the horses and horsemanship among the riders are top priorities. I thought I was a good owner prior to arriving at Hunters Court Farm, and now I feel like I’m even better for all they’ve taught me. – Valerie W.

Bonaducci, bred and owned by Valerie W.

I consider myself very lucky to have my horses under fabulous care in such a well-designed facility. I am constantly impressed by the cleanliness and the ongoing maintenance of the property. My lessons are always interesting and challenging, whether going back to basics or learning new skills. With Nicole’s guidance in finding and selecting horses I am amazed at how far my riding has progressed since joining the HCF family. Nicole is a trainer that knows how to match horses and riders and gets the best performance out of the combinations. I highly recommend Nicole and her facility to anyone that wants to do the work become a winning competitor. – Kim T.

Becoming, owned by Kim T.

Jessica Borton, Assistant Trainer at Hunters Court Farm is a joy to know and a talented rider/instructor. She prepares challenging and fun lessons that seamlessly dovetail with Nicole’s. Jessica does a wonderful job showing my horse in addition to always having him prepped for me to successfully ride in my own classes. At the barn, my favorite rides are the day after her training rides! My horse is well schooled and feels great. Jessica is always happy to answer questions outside of lessons and her knowledge from years of riding and owning her own horses is invaluable. I highly recommend Jessica as an instructor! – Kim T.


“I have ridden with Nicole for almost 16 years now, which thus far is the majority of my life.  I would not have stuck with her for this long if she was not both an amazing trainer and rider.  She has become family to me over the years and I would not be the person I am today if it was not for her.  It has been an amazing journey going from her small barn in her backyard to the wonderful facility she owns today.  She taught me how to be one with any horse I rode, and to have respect for your horse, others, and yourself.  Riding has been a big part of my life for a long time, but it’s not just about the blue ribbons it’s about the lessons learned and the relationships made that you really learn about the sport and more importantly yourself.  I would not have developed such a love for riding if it were not for Nicole.  Horse shows and ribbons will come and go but the memories I have made will last forever.” – Alex Rife

“I spent about six years riding with Nicole. I followed her from barn to barn, where I rode school horses, leased, and (with her help) finally purchased a horse around the same time Nicole built her farm. Although it took several years and trials for her toeventually settle in New Albany, we stuck with her for a reason. From blue ribbons to injuries, Nicole has been a positive force throughout my riding career. The family atmosphere she has created at Hunter’s Court Farm has fostered lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. She is unrivaled in her work and has taught me more than anyone about horsemanship and teamwork. Nicole has been an incredible trainer, mentor, and friend to me and my family. I have only fond memories of my time at Hunter’s Court Farm, and will never forget the impact the experience has had on my life and my riding career.” – Elyse Caxide

“After training and working at Hunters Court Farm for five years, Nicole and her team have become a second family to me. Nicole expected us to conduct ourselves in a professional manner and learn to be respectful of our horses, ourselves, and each other, both in and out of the show ring.  It is the lessons learned and the relationships made that have had lasting impact, long after leaving for college and starting my own career. Thank you Nicole.” – Jordan Straker

“I have ridden at HCF under Nicole’s instruction for close to 15 years.  I have seen the barn grow from being a few-stall structurein her parent’s backyard to the larger 25+ stall facility it is today. As a kid I would go to local shows and winning was among my top priorities. Sometime between then and now, I learned it isn’t a blue ribbon that denotes a successful trip in the show ring. Learning something, having fun, and growing closer with your horse are the components to a successful horseshow. I owe that belief to my trainer, Nicole. Riding is something that has shaped my life and will always be a part of me. Nicole helped me in so many ways. She found some incredible horses for me, offered the best training in central Ohio, and was always there to keep me on track and focused. It is with her guidance that I am the person I am today. I developed a true passion for the sport and companionship with the horse that will never go away.” – Eleanor Rosler