Our main priority is the health and happiness of its horses. As a full care facility we offer beautiful 12×12 wooden stalls with rubber mats, a stall light and individual fan for the summer months. Horses may have stall gates (self-provided). Stalls are cleaned in the morning and picked in the afternoon. We offer horse’s free choice hay along with grain twice daily along with any supplements the horse may need (provided by owner).

Daily turn-out in individual or large group paddocks (weather permitting). Our professional staff will make sure your horse is turned out with appropriate (provided) boots and blankets.

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Spacious Outdoor and Indoor

The indoor is 80×160 and the all weather footing outdoor is 150×300. Each are maintained daily by our staff[/av_one_full][av_one_full first av_uid=’av-e2ly’]
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Wash Rack

We also offer an indoor and outdoor wash rack and two separate grooming areas.[/av_one_half]
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Heated Tack Room

Clients can also enjoy a spacious heated tack room and viewing room that is equipped with a full kitchen and seating area. A washer and dryer are also available to do horse laundry. Our staff also keeps detailed health records for each horse and all vet and farrier appointments are set up by our barn manager.[/av_one_half]

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