We wrapped another weekend of IEA horse shows! Coach Kathie reports, “What would we all do without great teams like LYSS, Empress, Bookmark and West Licking hosting great shows & supplying great horses for us all to ride!  Another weekend under our belts and once again our riders displayed sportsmanship and pluck with their efforts.  Logan, the youngest member of our team, successfully qualified with a 2nd and 3rd in her point classes!  Claudia picked up a 4th on the flat.  Ella had a good weekend with two 3rds on the flat and one 3rd over fences.  Ava scored a 1st and 2nd on the flat and two 5ths jumping.  Ashley continues to improve in her first year of IEA, with a 6th over fences and a 5th on the flat.  Natalie succeeded with a 2nd on the flat and two 4ths over fences. And Elsa added to her collection with a 2nd and a 5th in her point classes.  A hot weekend for October but a wonderful show all in all.  And once again, I can’t thank our parents enough for their continued patience and support!  Congrats Team!”