Coach Kathie has an update from the IEA show over the weekend! “Our first show at Stonegate this year had its ups and downs but I was impressed with the persistence, grit and good nature displayed by all. I’m so proud of everyone! Some highlights from the show included lots of red ribbons, including Addie over fences, Ava over fences, Kendall over fences & flat and Natalie Pillar in her beginner w/t/c. Many of you are closing in on possibly qualifying for Regionals – so good luck in December! I want to especially thank everyone for their help and patience with me and my “disability” – I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Thank you Stonegate Farm and new managers Jim & Gwen Arrigon for your first show!

Ella, Addie and Ava at the Stonegate IEA Show!