Congratulations to all of Hunters Court Farm and LRC students!!  What a successful weekend!

Nicole Parrill and Olick were champion again in the baby greens!  Kate Borgemenke was champion in the intermediate Childrens hunter and 5th in the Classic!!  Jessica Franken and her new horse, Warm Courage, were 6th in the classic and had awesome ribbons in the intermediate childrens.  Jennifer Rugg was reserve champion in the intermediate adults!  Jeff Ruff return to showing with Hunters Court, and was reserve champion in the adult jumpers!  There are way too many successes to mention!!!  Congratulations to Jessica Baron on a great horse show with major improvement, and to Rachel Butler who was the most consistent.  We enjoyed have Emilie Fox join us for a great weekend in the limit rider! Thank you to all the horses, riders, and parents!  We are looking forward to returning in June.